Treatment Menu & Pricelist


Dermapen Treatments

Dermapen’s advanced skin needling technology moves across the skins surface and stimulates natural collagen reproduction. Perfect for Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation. Reduces pigmentation. Assists in treating acne scarring and wound healing. Improves wrinkles and fine lines, minimize pore size.

Full face & Neck

Full face, neck & Decollete

*Treatments must have 6 to 8 weeks intervals

R 1600

R 1800

RegimA Facials

All skin care treatments include a complete skin analysis and consultation, during which a professional skin care programme will be recommended for your specific needs. All sponges, spatulas, etc., are disposed of after each client. Relax and Enjoy!
30/50% Peel R 655
Hand peel and heal R 255
Purifying treatment (60 minutes) R 505
Ultra Hydrating treatment (60 minutes) R 655
Ultimate Rejuvenating treatments (60 minutes) R 760
Student Deep cleanse (60 Minutes) R 455
Back deep cleanse peel (60min- 90min) R 710
Peel Packages

30%                                          50%

R 1715

Lash Enhancements

Natural eyelash treatment creating the effect of longer, lifted lashes. The added eyelash tint creates a mascara style effect. You are lash-perfect from the moment you wake up
LVL Lash Enhancements  R 600
 LVL: length volume lift

Manicures and Hand Treatments

Re-varnish & File R 155
Re-varnish & File (French) R 170
Express Manicure (30 minutes) R 210
Classic Manicure (45 minutes) R 260
French Manicure (45 Minutes) R 270
Deluxe Manicure (60 minutes) includes paraffin wax treatment R 320

Pedicures and Foot Treatments

Nail Clip & File R 155
Re-varnish & File R 155
Re-varnish & File (French) R 170
Express Pedicure (30 Minutes) R 260
Classic Pedicure (60 minutes) R 330
French Pedicure R 350
Deluxe Pedicure (90 minutes) *Includes paraffin treatment R 380
Paraffin wax treatment

To nourish & moisturise dry hands and feet leaving them velvety soft

R 85
Foot Massage R 175
Nail Repair (Per Nail) (Silk or Acrylic) R 65
Adhesive Nail Art (Per Nail) R 15

Bio Sculpture Evo Gel

Evo Gel Application (Clear/Colour/French) R 240
Evo Gel Application Toes (Clear/Colour/French) R 240
Manicure & Evo Gel R 330
Pedicure & Evo Gel R 400
Evo Soak Off R 80
Soak Off (Acrylic or other Brands of Gel) R 150
Tips & Gel Application R 450
Evo Fill R 220


Please advise your therapist if you are taking Roaccurtane, due to the risk of “skin lifting” when wax is removed.
Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm R 470
Full Leg, Bikini OR Underarm R 370
Full Leg R 270
¾ Leg, Bikini & Underarm R 445
¾ Leg, Bikini OR Underarm R 345
¾ Leg R 245
Back and Neck R 260
Back OR Chest R 250
Full Arm R 185
Bikini R 140
Full Bikini Wax R 260
½ Leg R 220
Full Face R 220
Nostril & Lip Wax R 80
Ear/Chin/Brow/Neck/ Umbilical Line R 85
Forearm R 155
Underarm R 140
G-String R 220
Stomach R 135

Ellipse SPT IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Hair Removal (every 8 weeks)

Skin type 1-3 (70- 95% clearance) Skin type 4-6 (80% reduction)

Full leg R 3230
Half Leg R 1920
Full Bikini R 1415
G-string R 908
Bikini R 656
Umbilical Line R 404
Buttocks R 908
Eyebrows R 333
Lip R 333
Chin R 333
Lip & Chin R 605
Nose R 252
Ears R 333
Side Burns R 333
Full Arm R 1920
Half Arm R 1110
Underarm R 656
Feet Including Toes R 455
Hands including Fingers R 455
Back of Neck R 656
Front of Neck R 605
Full Back R 3230
Half Back R 1920
Lower Back Patch R 807
Chest R 1514
Nipples R 333
Stomach R 1515
Shoulders R 656

Ellipse SPT IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Skin Photo Rejuvenation

Skin type 1-4           (pigment, acne, wrinkle reduction)

Full face R 1210
Full face & Neck R 1620
Full face, neck & Décolleté R 2825
Décolleté R 1010
Full arm R 2120
Lower arm R 1515
Hand R 605

Ellipse SPT IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

Sun Spots or Capillaries

Sunspots – monthly; Capillaries –every 2 weeks

1-5 spots R 405
6- 10 spots R 656

Permanent makeup

The answer to smudging eyeliner or eyebrows. Natural vegetable dye is used to tattoo a permanent line onto the skin. The treatment fee includes the first treatment and two touch up treatments, all to be completed within two months.
Top or bottom Eyeliner R 2020
Top and bottom Eyeliner R 2650
Eyebrows R 2650
Touch-up (after the two included in the initial treatment) R 1520
Removal (per treatment) R 1520


Eyelash Tint R 150
Eyebrow Tint R 130
Eyebrow and shape R 160


Removal of facial congestion

Only for regular facial clients to be done within one week of a facial- if impurities have been stimulated.

R 155


High-frequency (5 minutes)

Anti-bacterial ozone treatment to heal and reduce impurities

R 100

Ear Piercing

Free ear piercing – only pay the for the earrings of your choice

Epilation and Cauterization

Non-Invasive methods of removal of unwanted, offensive hair, capillaries and skin lesions using a mild current
Electrolysis (per minute) R 16
Disposable Needle R 26
Vein Cauterization (per minute) R 16
Skin Tag Cauterization (each) R 85


Successful method of removing non-cancerous lesions by the precise application of rapid freezing Nitrous Oxide.

Service fee

R 61
1-10 lesions (each) R 81
11 + lesions (each) R 66
Advanced lesions R 858