Melaskin Testimonial

Had the worst attack ever of fever blisters on the corner of my mouth and did not have any medication cream  –  serious eeeeeeek  –  and it was 22h00 Saturday night.

Had just bought some Melaskin that morning from Rachel at Reflections after she had recommended it to me.

Put a really small dab on the affected area and ……… instant relief!! And I mean INSTANT, soothing and cooling and it worked – which is all I wanted and had to have at that stage – this outbreak was that bad.

Kept Melaskin on the blisters for the next few days – so not so pretty I know but the outbreak was contained and healed within a week – quite brilliant.

I now use Melaskin as a night cream to which I add 4 – 6 drops of Jojoba oil – they seem to complement each other very well and my skin definitely looks and feels better.

This is a seriously good cream of note


Friday, 18 May 2018

IPL Hair Removal Testimonial

I cannot begin to explain how liberated my life has become, since starting with IPL.  What an incredibly successful treatment!  I have only had a few sessions and already, the results have been remarkable, so much so, that I was able to go for an entire 10 days without shaving my bikini line whilst away at the coast.

I used to have to shave every morning, before going down to the beach, and even then, I was not half as confident as I feel now about swimming, running, lying on the sand, sitting with my legs crossed whilst building sand castles, etc.  The best part is that I could even go for a morning run on the beach, and strip down into my costume to have a glorious swim straight afterwards.  Before IPL, I had to ensure I got up early enough to shave before the rest of the household / holiday friends were up.  Now, there is absolutely NO stress!  I have also done my underarms, and what a joy to be able to lift my arms without ever worrying or trying to remember when last I shaved.  The feeling of freedom is indescribable!

Thanks so much, to Rachel at Reflections, who convinced me to go the route of IPL.  My summer existence has accelerated into something I never knew it could be.  WOW!  If you’re considering IPL, do NOT hesitate. It is life-changing!

– Anon

Cryotherapy Testimonial

For  more than 12 years  I have tried various methods to get rid of a wart on my fourth toe, on my left foot. The wart was causing deformity of the toenail. This wart has, on several occasions, been treated medically, both by a general practitioner and by a dermatologist.  The latter administered painful injections under the toenail, which appeared to help but the wart kept reappearing.

Last year I was approached by Reflections Salon to give Cryogenic Therapy a try and the results have been amazing.  I have had three sessions with the Cryogenic Therapy pen starting on 17 November, 2014,  and ending on 18 December, 2014.   This was a painless procedure, with minimal tingling discomfort only after the first treatment.

I am delighted with the results.

– Kathy Abraham

Cryotherapy Testimonial

I had Nodular Prurigo on both my calves which was originally treated by the doctor with liquid nitrogen.  Despite a number of treatments, it only partially cleared up.

Then Reflections treated them with the Cryopen. I only needed one treatment and a follow up and the condition was cleared up.

Before & After